2019 Junior Golf Championship

Other than just the adult members, we also want to reach out to our younger members and allow them to enjoy the full experience of golf. That’s why we’re introducing the 2019 Junior Golf Championship. This championship is available for the members who bring their favorite cookware and are below 18 and who would like to pit their skills against other players. The competition consists of 2 rounds of 18 hole games. The winner will take home a cash prize of $1000 and will also receive a special plaque commemorating the victory. Some consolation prizes will also be given to the runner ups of the tournament.

This tournament will be held on May 18, 2019 and will start from 9:30 am up until 4:00 pm. Check out the website to know more details on how to register your child for the competition. If your child has the drive and the will to test his or her skills in a competition against other children, then join the 2019 Junior Golf Championship. Registrations are open until May 8, 2019 so reserve a slot today!

We hope to see you all at the tournament!

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